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From its inception in 2012, Luxury Connect as a luxury knowledge company has cemented its reputation for consistently delivering tangible results for our clients. Today, Luxury Connect is considered the leading luxury consulting firm that specializes in tailor-made solutions for the luxury industry and its brands. Luxury Connect specializes in innovative & effective luxury brand development and management strategies across industries such as fashion, beauty, automobiles, real estate, financial services, hospitality, travel & tourism, watches & jewellery, wellness & fitness etc.  Envisioned by internationally acclaimed Luxury icon, Mr. Abhay Gupta, Luxury Connect is supported by the best of human capital from the international luxury consulting world. A globally conversant luxury brand consulting firm, we provide the best platform for high-end retail and luxury brands keen to make a mark in the world of Luxury. Additionally, internal investors wanting to venture into the global market & or wanting to create their own unique luxury offering for the fast-evolving luxury and premium demand are being serviced by us. Equipped with the best brand marketing strategy thinkers, with years of expertise in the luxury market from its inception stages, we act as an everyday coach and business partner to our unique clients.

At Luxury Connect we help our clients evaluate and execute strategic initiatives that capitalize on market opportunities and deliver tangible results. It is essential to us that we continue to provide a service based on the following principles:


Luxury Connect has a 360° approach to Luxury covering various products & services within. We boast of the best strategy thinkers who have practical know-how of managing luxury brands. At Luxury Connect, we help our clients evaluate and execute strategic initiatives that capitalize on market opportunities and best brand marketing strategy to deliver tangible results.

Luxury Brand Consulting Firms India
Luxury Brand Consulting Firms India


To be the recognized performance leader in products, services and solutions to shape and lead the Luxury Segment


To be the one-stop company for the International brands and Investors which gives first hand practical knowledge about the Luxury segment, based on proper research done by experts.

Luxury Brand Consulting Firms India

Our Values:

Under Commit &
Over Deliver

The Client Knows Better

Respect Client’s Time

Plan Meticulously

Treat Client Money As Your Own Money – Prevent Wastage

Deal Transparently