Talent Management

With a rich cultural diversity coupled with a wide socio-economic disparity, sourcing and developing talent, that can absorb, imbibe and deliver the brand ethos is a profoundly weak area across emerging markets. India is no different. With the globalization and digitalization across industries, where learning about companies and applying for jobs have become easier, new talent management strategies are required to acquire potential talent as well as retain the existing talent. 

We proudly acclaim to be the best equipped Luxury Talent management consultants in India. Considering the demand and supply gap, Luxury connect took the initiative to launch India’s First and Only Luxury B-school – Luxury Connect Business School , where professionals are educated and prepared for the ever growing luxury market.  At LCBS, we churn out luxury ready professionals who not only understand luxury branding to the hilt but also excel in customer service, a hitherto weak domain.

As skilled professionals in the luxury industry are few in number, Talent acquisition through Luxury Connect is an effective strategy. We at Luxury connect provide a 360 degree solution interims of acquiring right talent as well as providing luxury management training  to enhance  talent. This also enables employees to develop niche skill sets and excel in their domain or even move into various departments across an organization. This not only helps the employees grow but also helps the brands flourish with skilled talent in its organization.


Our customized corporate training programs are built with compassion, real life scenarios and measurable matrix for continued performance progress monitoring. Some of the key assignments and or programs delivered by us rotate around:

  1. Structuring of organizational teams and development of HR manual / compliance manuals
  2. Sourcing of requisite talent
  3. Skill enhancement customized solutions for existing teams.
  4. Luxury Retail Strategy Skills
  5. Luxury Brand Management Skills
  6. Behavioral, Soft skills, power dressing and managerial etiquettes.
  7. Coaching & Mentoring