Market Entry Strategy Formulation

Market Entry Strategy Formulation & Partner Search Operations

Not only does Luxury Connect assist luxury brands to enter the Indian Markets, but also helps Indian luxury brands to expand into international markets.

Basis the most suitable strategic entry format approach, Luxury Connect has further capabilities to assist the brand with the correct partner search functions. Most brands which entered India at the peak of its luxury market evolution, had to either retreat or scale down due to hastily put together strategy and or a wrong partner fit.  We provide our best support to international luxury brands to penetrate in the Indian Luxury market and to position themselves best for their targeted audience.

Likewise for an Indian brand, we not only assist in the correct market penetration moves, but also activities related to the selection of correct distributor/ dealer/ agent identification. Further inputs with regards to retail location planning and or product placement services are also accordable on case to case basis.

Typical services provided would be

  1. Market research and Luxury analytics in the desired country of operations
  2. Entry & Launch strategy for Indian as well as other markets as need be.