AT Luxury connect LLP, each and every client is treated as a independent entity and proposals suggested after a detailed briefing by the client on his history, needs, pain points etc. Specific solutions are then designed and suggested with options to be debated and evaluated as best suitable strategy.

At Luxury Connect LLP, we have the expertise, knowledge, network and capability to hand hold the client from start to finish and further into operations as he may need. A battery of consultants can be allocated as need be.

Yes, at Luxury Connect LLP, we have the knowledge base and expertise across the sectors ranging from fashion to jewellery, watches, hospitality, investment banking, travel, retail, automobiles, real estate and so on. Operating through a network of associates to support our in house teams, we can assist in a project across any sector..

The talent pool is managed and assisted via our educational and skilling brand, LCBS ( However, preferential treatment will be allocated to clients of Luxury Connect. Luxury Connect believes in the end to end solutions oriented and will hence suggest suitable talent once project is ready to go into operations stages.

Luxury Connect LLP has the end to end strategy and operations solutions. Our services can support you through the entire gamut of strategy – partner search (if required) - product sourcing (if required) – statuary compliances if any – company establishment formalities – retail location planning – mall negotiations – talent management – brand launch events – marketing, advertising & PR etc. Suitable network associates can be activated as need be.

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